I feared he did but trifle And meant to wrack thee.

Do the triflers MEAN to wrack their triflers?
Do they seize upon the sweet young things –
Innocent and milkfat sweet, dotted with delicate wildflowers,
And think: “I will leave that blossom in pieces. I will stress the petals across the grass crush them under foot, the stem bent and broken, roots expressed and crumpled.” ?
Doesn’t the trifler, rather, look at the vibrant flower growing in its meadow and think: “Wouldn’t that flower look nice on my kitchen table? I have just the vase for that pretty thing.”
And he breaks the stem, plucks it from its house and places it in some water
where it looks beautiful for a few days. Then withers, rots and dies.
The wracking isn’t something a trifler meant to do – it’s usually a by-product of the careless plucking of flowers.

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