But, as you did command, I did repel his letters and denied His access to me.

Ophelia bought a letter repellent.
You spray it on, like an insect repellent
And when a letter comes flying at you,
It activates a force-field that sends
The letter flying off in the opposite direction.
She walks down the corridors
As letters fly away from her –
An explosion of paper flying off from her like fireworks.
Which makes me think –
Why did they need letters
When they clearly are physically in the same place?
I like the idea of sending
A letter to my lover who sits across the table from me.
(unless of course he’s got some letter repellent).
Now we send emails like this.
People will send them across the room,
Or to someone sitting right next to them.
I’ve sent emails to someone sitting inches away.
But this is not nearly so romantic as a letter –
The content is rarely beautified
It’s usually, “Here’s that document you need.”
The sheer volume of emails arriving everyday make me long for an email repellent. 

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