Then goes he the length of all his arm, And with his other hand thus o’er his brow He falls to such perusal of my face As ‘a would draw it.

Eyes. Nose. Mouth. Cheeks.
Sketched in, they can be lines, shadows, shapes.
When you draw a face, you draw the light on it.
An image of a face might just be aesthetic
Or the features might tell a story-
One that explains a lie or a desire.
It is a wonder that lines, shadows and shapes
Can form themselves into duplicitousness
Or obedience or fear or suspicion or ecstasy.
A face, like water, gives away every object
That drops into it. Drop a pebble in a pond, watch it shift in circles, giving away where the pebble fell.
A face, too, will shift in response to a thought, a word, a feeling dropped into it.

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