How now, Ophelia, what’s the matter?

Yeah, Ophelia, what’s the matter? You’re frightened by your boyfriend in disarray, sighing heavily? You’re disturbed by his looking at you for a while before backing out of a room? Why does all this frighten you and send you running to Daddy? Why don’t you just look right back at your obviously unhappy boyfriend and ask him what’s going on? Why don’t you say – “Something seems to be troubling you. You feel like saying what it is? No? You’re just going to stare at me like a looney? Get yourself together, Hamlet. Pull up your socks, man. Put your hat on. Brace up that doublet. Can’t you see I’m trying to sew in here? You wanna tell me what’s up?”
But no, our poor little Ophelia doesn’t say a thing. She just stares back at Hamlet, then runs to Daddy, where he asks what she ought to have asked Hamlet. When he started knocking his knees, she could have said, “How now, Hamlet, what’s the matter?”

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