Observe his inclination in yourself.

Ha ha! What is Laertes’ inclination?!
Which of the many vices mentioned
Is he inclined to give way too?
This line tips the scales for me on the question of Laertes’ innocence.
Even if Laertes has managed to behave himself,
His father knows he was an inclination,
One which Reynaldo might fall prey to as well.
If I had to choose, I think I’d go with lust. I think Laertes might be a libertine.
His sister responds to his advice on chastity
By suggesting he not tread the primrose path of dalliance
While preaching to her. Maybe Laertes has gotten into trouble
With the ladies in some way. There’s something
Lascivious in his name. Something about the letter L even
That lays out lust and love and longing
And libidinous languorous lingering luscious lovers
Into a last lunge toward a name like Laertes.


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