‘I know the gentleman.’

There are few gentlemen left in the world. We’ve socialized them out of business, it seems. But then, I’m not even sure what would qualify someone as a gentleman in this day and age.
On one hand, he would need a gentility of manner.
He would wear a suit, not a t-shirt and what modern man would not wear a t-shirt? He would have a code of behavior, a graciousness, like he was hosting a party everywhere in the world, making everyone welcome.
Or else – if not a gentleman of manners – he might be a Gentle Man. That is, he would take the injustices of the world, his grievances, the battering he might receive at the hands of life and rather than pounding his fists on those more gentle than himself. The gentle man would become more kind, more generous, would attempt to make the way easier for those around him, becoming like water, flowing around a stone.

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