According to the phrase or the addition Of man and country –

Are you supposed to address someone differently if they’re from another country?
Is that how they rolled in Denmark?
Hello Stan of Portugual, this is Phil of Estonia. Good Sir of Persia. Friend of France.
Great Gentleman of Germany.
This is a phrase that I feel like I get the sense of but become increasingly confused by the longer look at it. “According to the phrase” Yes, sure, okay “OR the addition of man” I’m lost a bit there – is that the addition of a man’s name? His own particular personality maybe? “And country” Okay. It could be that we use Great Gentleman of Germany or that, depending on what country you’re in, you’d use a different address. Monsieur in France, Signore in Italian and so on. But none of this is quite clear to me and maybe not even to Polonius because it is right about here that he starts to get off track.

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