But, my good lord –

Reynaldo’s trying to speak some truth to power
(if in fact, he’s a servant as he is often played.)
He does not blindly accept an order.
He has to question it, understand it, point out the holes in the plan.
Those are some of the most important people in the world. The ones who will
stand up and ask questions make enormous differences for the rest of us.

I was proud of my student yesterday who kept his hand in the air,
Even while the Principal was moving on, taking the floor, clearly ready to wrap up. He left his hand up, straight up, until she finally called on him almost in annoyance saying, “What is your question?”
Which once he’d asked it, she answered, generously changing her tone. I love that he didn’t give up. I love that he got what he needed. I love that he made a space for himself and his class in a moment that wasn’t his to take.


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