Marry, well said.

I’m curious about how “marry” became this sort of word. What do we even call this kind of word? A stalling word, a connecting word, a word that adds rhythm without much meaning. Whatever we call them, they’re important words. I remember when I was first learning Italian. A friend taught me to say “Allora” so I’d have a word to think with – a word that would create space for me to work out the grammar of what I wanted to say – a word I could weight with exclamatory functions or simple place holding. The art history teacher used “quindi” in much the same way, but with her it was a vocal tic, one which we all could imitate, even with our rudimentary language skills.
Quindi wasn’t quite so successful a lingual breath. Can I call it that? Anyway, “Marry” seems like “Allora” or “Why” or “My” or “Well” – mostly like “well” I think – but how did it come to be so and then how did it fade away again?

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