Canst work i’th’earth so fast?

Practically, now, how does the ghost travel so quickly underground? And why?
Are there tunnels for the dead? Like, sewers for corpses to move through
During the morning. Morning is clearly a threat to them so that perhaps they must
Hide themselves from the sun’s rays, like vampires.
Or has the morning made the ghost lose corporeality, turning him into a mist that flows from place to place, yet that can still speak (albeit in a lot less articulate way than the corporeal ghost).
Perhaps the dawn turns the ghost into a mole
Or a worm or a beetle
Or some tunneling creature and he ceases his martial stalk to become a scuttling earth-dweller making its way through soil and sod and stone.
But he’s one with a megaphone or some kind of strange amplification system that transforms his voice from the squeak of a mole to the imposing haunting voice of “Swear.”
The mist is my favorite solution because there’s a sort of uncontrolled dissipation in a mist. It can’t stay in one place; It has to move hither and yon with no authority or ground of its own. Water underground might have the same sort of movement quality, in that it cannot stop moving with gravity and geology and open pathways until contained or absorbed or collected somewhere. I like the idea of the king slipping away into something more elemental.


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