Even a ghost knows the rule of three.
Is it in our DNA?
Is there something in our patterning that makes us recognize the pattern,
The rhythm, the satisfaction of repeating something?
Two is identical to one,
Three makes a slight shift
In the repetition to really make it satisfy –
Both comedically and sometimes tragically.
I wonder if it’s a learning mechanism –
That something repeats twice and it could be an accident –
By the third one, we understand
That it is a pattern, that there is a conscious returning, or if not conscious,
A satisfying returning.
If someone knocks on the door once, then twice,
We will wait for the third strike upon the door –
even if someone opens it after two.
In fact, if someone DOES open it after two, the opening becomes the third.
1, 2, 3
Repetition, Repetition – – –

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