Lord Hamlet!

No one calls Claudius Lord Claudius.
I wonder why that is.
Maybe it’s just because it doesn’t SOUND so good?
Claudius being quite a mouthful already – it might seem
A bit much to add another syllable.
Or perhaps because the title is new to him.
It just won’t settle on the tongue.
Hamlet has likely been Lord Hamlet his whole life –
As a baby, he would have been little Lord Hamlet
A little bitty Lordie Hamlet-y
Primed from the cradle to fill his father’s shoes.
Now how is it that Claudius managed to sneak into those shoes
Before Hamlet? Is it just because
Hamlet was out of town when his dad died?
Not only was Hamlet likely primed for succession
But the Danish people were also primed, waiting, anticipating
When he would be king.
Even now in this century, when monarchies are mostly essentially powerless,
We watch a Prince’s actions closely
Monitor his behavior
Wonder if he will be king and how he would be king.
How does Claudius spin this switcheroo in the public eye?
Why have they not risen up and rioted?
Laertes works up enough people to support a bid, why not Hamlet?

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