If thou hast nature in thee, bear it not!

Who does not have nature in him, in her?
We are nature. Nature streams through us
No matter how hard we attempt to suppress it.
Nature grows out of us like grass
Through the cracks in pavement –
Like grass making those cracks in pavement.
The more tightly we box it in,
The more violently it will leap out.
I’m thinking of Rosalind in As You Like It when she talks about woman’s wit –
the part where, if you close the doors on it, it will head out the window, if you close
the window, it’ll head out the chimney, close the chimney, it’ll seep through the cracks.
In a sense – Rosalind’s wit IS her nature –
You cannot remove it, it will grow and thrive
No matter how much concrete you place around it.
The only person who has no nature in him
Is one without life – so the Ghost here
Has set up a pretty clear directive to bear it not.

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