But virtue as it never will be moved, Though lewdness court it in a shape of heaven, So lust, though to a radiant angel linked, Will sate itself in a celestial bed And prey on garbage.

I do not really understand this line.
I don’t think he’s speaking directly of Claudius and Gertude here –
I think he’s speaking generally of virtue and lewdness (which is, of course, how he sees Gertrude and Claudius respectively) but what I do not understand
Is what exactly lust is up to.
Is it that it hangs out with radiant angels?
Lust sleeps in the celestial bed with a radiant angel – is lust having sex with the angel?
It is sating itself by preying on garbage?
Is lust bringing trashy whores home to the angel’s celestial bed?
Is lust banging a hooker from the corner next to the angel, trying to sleep?
Lewdness is in a shape of heaven – does it fool virtue with its disguise?
Or does lust drag a bag filled with food scraps and packaging
And old wet newspapers and make a feast over the supine radiant angel?
It’s lust, not disgust, how does lust prey on garbage?

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