List, list, O list!

I just cackled when I saw what my sentence was today. Now, I’m trying
To work out what inspired that enthusiastic laugh.
It’s a great line. So simple.

Every day I ask groups of people
To listen to me. Never have I said: List, list, O list! (Maybe I should.)
It’s just so unabashedly theatrical. 
Or I suppose one might say melodramatic.
Let’s settle for dramatic.

A big ole ghost
Who already has all the attention he could possibly need
Has to say “List, list, O list!”?

Why? Given what we’ve just heard
About flesh and blood ears – maybe it’s some kind of incantation to ready human ears
For really freakin’ startling news.
He says these words, vibrates the ear follicles a little bit to this rhythm
And then lets it loose.


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