Pity me not, but lend thy serious hearing To what I shall unfold.

I could choose which of my hearings to listen with.
I have a selection available –
This one is my serious hearing
But my comedy hearing does come in handy very often.
When times are tough, the tragic hearing
Can work me up to a real grade A melancholy.
I’ve got half-assed hearing, metaphoric hearing
(this one will generate the most poems,) dramatic hearing,
bureaucratic hearing, rock n roll hearing, family hearing, child hearing,
teacher hearing, spirit hearing, organizational hearing, strategical hearing,
mystery hearing and abstract hearing. The surrealist hearing will usually make me laugh in unexpected places. Musical hearing can help me manage car alarms and shouts in time. The textual hearing helps with meaning. There’s an abundance really.
Flip through the catalogue. Choose one. Surprise us both.

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