You shall not go, my lord.

Marcellus risks the transgression of boundaries.
One doesn’t usally issue commands to a prince
But Marcellus risks it. Horatio does too, but Marcellus pushes it farther.
I’m really keen on this Marcellus as Hamlet’s closer friend at the top of the show idea.
There is some parallel story that could fall into place; Marcellus gets his own play
Like Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. Every bit I read adds up to this new point of vew.
Then, of course, there is the Marcellus Quarto, famous for having a really fleshed out
bit of text for Marcellus and a little bit spottier printings for the rest of the cast.
Maybe in that quarto, the guy playing Marcellus inserted himself a little bit more prominently in the text.

But Marcellus disappears.
What is the title of his play?
Marcellus knows where they can find him most conveniently
Marcellus will not let him go.

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