Take each man’s censure, but reserve thy judgment.

Nod, smile, accept.
Stop doing what you’re doing
Say “Thank you” and bow your head.
That’s fine. Sure – just take whatever
Criticism any one has
Take it in
Digest it
Let their judgment
Supersede your own – and if it hurts,
Don’t return the favor.
Don’t, after receiving barbed opinion
After sharpened critique,
Sharpen up your own blade
Or twist your own wires into stars of pain.

I am so tired of peoples’ opinions.
They have so many of them
Each one convinced he or she is right –
Especially about art.
“Here’s what you should do” they say
After eating your soup.
“Here’s what you should have done. I know this is a borscht – but I’d really
Leave out the beets next time.
I think it could use some tofu
Or some wakame
Some green onions
Maybe a miso broth.”
And I nod
I say, “Thank you for your suggestions –
I will take that into consideration.” The next time I make soup,
Despite my love for borscht,
I really consider Miso.

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