Beware Of entrance to a quarrel.

O, I beware,
I be wary indeed and have been
Since my youth.
My entire system is built to beware entering a quarrel.
Whenever a quarrel came by
You could always catch me peddling furiously in the other direction, as far
As possible, even if it took me well out of my way.
Sometimes, though, a quarrel can sneak up on you
When you’re looking the other way
And there’s no avoiding it
No getting around it
Or through it.
The quarrel can be as big as a hurricane and just as impossible
To escape once it’s arrived.
The time past to board up the windows, to flee, to get in the car
And drive straight out of town.
All there is to be done is to stand and face the wind and water.
But with each one
I become warier and warier
Though somewhat stronger and sometimes, sometimes
When it’s absolutely necessary
I’ve seen the quarrel brewing off in the distance
And rather than waiting for it to strike,
I’ve gathered my things around me and headed straight to it.


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