Your loves, as mine to you.

I don’t know, man.
Marcellus and Barnardo and such
Are always played as Plebes
Who’re just the security dudes
Looking out for the country along the walls
But it feels awfully much like
They have a relationship with Hamlet.
He keeps insisting that he loves them; They know where to find him most conveniently.
I’ve never seen it played this way
But I’m so intrigued by the notion
That these guys are Hamlet’s friends.
They disappear after the first bit
But they keep his secret presumably
When his other “Friends’ Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
Spill whatever beans they happen to stumble across.
Are Horatio, Marcellus and Barnardo all part of the same night watching fraternity?
I want to see the play
That follows Marcellus and Barnardo
After the fact.
What does the ghost do to them?
Gertrude can’t see it
But all these guys can.
Does the ghost continue to appear to them in subsequent scenes?
Does he instruct them away from the narrative of the play?
We could call it Marcellus and Barnardo are Disappeared.


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