His beard was grizzled, no?

This is the last question
Before Hamlet decides to go check out the ghost for himself.
The answer is such that it pushes him into action.
Simply the color of his father’s beard, as described by Horatio,
Is the final detail that he needs for confirmation.
I wonder if Hamlet had a particular affection
For his father’s beard.
I certainly remember when my father had a beard
And even more acutely
I remember when he shaved it off.
I came down one morning and there was a strange man in our house.
My mother soothed and assured me
That this was my father, yes.
I didn’t believe her still
Even when I stopped crying.
It was obvious that my mother wanted me
To believe that this stranger was my father
So I humored her
But remained deeply suspicious for some time.
Recently, one or the other of these parents
Told me that they had purposely
Had me watch as my father shaved his beard
To avoid this very problem.
I had watched the razor
Skim the hair and cream on his face.
I saw the beard vanish and a face I’d never really seen before emerge.
My memory erased this entirely
Even in my sleep that night
Leaving me never 100% sure that
There hadn’t been a strange father switch
When I was very small.


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