We do, my lord.

We are human doings, really.
The spiritual teachers will remind us that we are
Human BEings. They suggest we give up our human doing-ness
To simply be human beings.
Being is good
But we’re born doing
We’re born moving.
I learned today that babies never stop moving
They are constantly in motion
Constantly discovering
Constantly making connections
Between one thing and another
Between a hand and a mouth
Between a foot and the floor
Reaching for a bright object
Learning to crawl in pursuit of a toy
Learning to stand in order to reach up
Even in the womb, we’re told.
They are directing their own direction
They move in response to the world around them
To light, to sound, muffled by the protection of the mother
But they’re
Pursuing something too
Something ineffable
Something only they know.

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