But where was this?

A warm basement
A table covered in sweets –
We were strangers
Starving and lost.
We’d come to the restaurant in hopes of taming
The hunger we’d brought, first on the train, then the bus
Then the ferry and the sputtering car
From the morning to the next morning
Into this afternoon.
The family had just finished Christmas dinner
When we stumbled against their glass sliding door.
We were ready to turn on our heels and go
But they brought us in without hesitation.
They fed us all the sweetness.
They showed us card tricks
Practiced their English and laughed
At our fumbling attempts to speak their language.
If I need an image of absolute welcome
And hospitality
If I need to remember how it feels
To be grateful
To accept the generosity, kindness and grace
Of someone or something
I conjure that basement room, the yard, the world around it.


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