I am very glad to see you.

Have Marcellus and Hamlet had a beer together?
Are they buddies?
Marcellus is always played as a guard
Or a nightwatchman
Or a captain
But what if he were also a friend of Hamlet’s
Brought to the parapets first
Because of his connection to the prince.
Then Marcellus goes to the next closest friend
(but also the one who hasn’t seen the prince yet) and gets a double confirmation. It is
Marcellus after all who knows where to find Hamlet conveniently. It is Marcellus who
Brings these people together.
What if they’re all friends somehow?
If so –
What happens to Marcellus?
After they see the ghost again
He disappears from the play.
He is sworn to silence and then vanishes.
Does he take off because the secret of a ghost and murder and an impassioned prince become too much for him?
Is Marcellus shaken so absolutely by this visitor from the other side
That he hops a boat to Asia to train as a mystic?
Where does Marcellus go?
Where has he been?

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