Come Away.

If I repeat this line –
I’m suddenly singing
A line
From a song
From the first show I ever did
As a professional actor.
The play that ran parallel to this one –
But rehearsed first.
Twelfth Night will always be linked to Hamlet for me.
Feste linked to Gertrude –
Though they have very little to do with one another
Aside from the death of, or by, maidens-
Be it in song
Or in mysteriously descriptive speeches.
“Come away.” Claudius says to Gertrude – or Hamlet –
or the court – or the lot of them and they are
all gone, all but Hamlet.
“Come away. Come away death.” Sings Feste
already slain but longing for the end.
The brain makes these connections
Neurons building bridges to other neurons
“Come away” connected to “Come away.”
Hamlet to Twelfth Night
A clown to a queen
Forever twinned
Entwined by fate.

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