Let not thy mother lose her prayers Hamlet.

How do you lose your prayers?
By speaking in the third person?
By tossing them into the wind?
By forgetting to say them?
To say them and say them and start to believe
There really is no one listening and no one cares.
To whisper them til you are hoarse
Wondering why they never seem to make a difference?
To resign yourself to a cold indifferent universe
In which your dreams will never come to fruition and you’ll
End, as you started, penniless and alone?

I don’t think she means that really.
Nor do I think she’s been praying for her son to stay.
It seems silly to pray for something you could simply
Make a case for yourself.
Especially when you have the power to command.

Perhaps Gertrude lost her prayers a LONG time ago.


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