Not so, my lord.

Not so, nutso
Wouldn’t it be funny
If Hamlet called his stepdad a nutso?
“Official speak, official speak, Official recognition of my heir”
Maybe if Hamlet could call Claudius a nutso at the top of the show
Everyone wouldn’t end up dead by the end of it.
In teaching yesterday, a 7th grader
Started to tell me the story of Hamlet
When asked about Macbeth.
Her teacher corrected her and she waved her hand dismissively and said
“Same thing.”
Indeed. Indeed not.
It would take a lot to turn Hamlet into Macbeth –
In fact, I think it’s impossible –
Despite the similar body count at the end –
The intentions are so stupendously different
As well as their methodologies.
Hamlet breaks his heart by holding his tongue
Macbeth falls to cursing
Undone, the both of them.
But I’d rather hang out with Hamlet.

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