What says Polonius?

What doesn’t say Polonius?
The man can talk a blue streak.
Even more so when he says he’ll be brief.
That’s the time to get yourself a cushion and a beverage because
You’re going to be there a while.
Some people are like that.
You can ask how they are and get your expected “fine”
Will take your question as an opportunity.
They will tell you the story of their day
From the moment they woke up
To this present late night moment.
They will not leave any part out
They will tell you the color of the train and what
The conductor said as he opened the doors.
I once dated a man like this.
One night on the phone, I decided to see how
Long he could go on without any encouragement from me.
I restrained myself from even an “mmm” or a “yeah” and 45 minutes later
He paused
(for applause)
before asking
“How are you?”
I probably said, “I’m fine. And actually
I have to go.”


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