How now, Horatio?

Ow ow oh oh
Concern expressed as pain
Perhaps in the way that we mirror what we see
Pain on your face
I feel in mine
My mirror neurons firing
In absolute reflection of what I see before me.
You grasp a cup.
In my mind
I grasp a cup as well.
Your face twists in agony
In the busy center of my brain
I twist my own face
To understand.
Right now,
I’m watching a couple fight on the corner;
Her back and his face brightened by the setting sun.
She is furious.
He is defending.
She points, she makes faces of disgust.
He nods – holds his hand on his heart.
Opens his hand, in a sort of defensive but peaceful way
She opens her arms widely
He has folded his close
And tilted his head to side.
Now they are walking away together
But stop at the next corner to fight again.
She goes on.
He sits and holds his head in his hand.
She returns.
She sets her handbag down with a POOM
In order to better make her point.
In my mind,
I too have set my handbag down
And I also sat down to hold my head in my hand.
As the crowd swirls around them,
They remain by the wall.
I light them up
Mirror them
Trying to understand
What has happened.
From here
I can’t tell if they will work it out
But I’m invested in them now.
My little mirror of them
Wants them to solve it in my view
So I can have peace within myself.
It is their fight, not mine
But my brain knows no difference.
They’re off again
5 feet between them
then 3
then 2
then 1.

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