Sit down awhile And let us once again assail your ears, That are so fortified against our story, What we have two nights seen.

Have I said this already?
I have?
Well, let me say it again.
Maybe I missed something
Maybe I forgot to mention the key event
Somehow I failed to fully paint the picture.
When my voice crawled into your ear
It somehow failed to touch you.
While my words vibrated your ear drums
They didn’t vibrate your heart or your thoughts even.
I haven’t said it with the right pitch
I neglected to project the power of the image
So that you really felt it
In 3-D smell-o-vision.
I want you to know it
Know it in your body
The way that I now carry it with me all the time.
I want you to hear the sound of the wind and
Symphony of birds crescendo-ing from night to day
I want you to smell the air
Scent the fog and the vapors rising from stone
I want you to feel the hair stand up
On the back of your neck
The way that I remember mine
Standing strand by strand at attention
I want your heart to beat faster
Your blood to rush
Your limbs to grow cold
I will tell you this story
I will tell it to you
Again I will tell it to you.

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