Pray you, mark.

A repetition! She has used exactly this phrase already. She doesn’t change it in any way (aside from not saying “Nay” before it.) If I were playing Ophelia, I might start with this phrase to help me understand her. For example, this phrase is essentially a request to listen, to observe, to notice, to see.
Ophelia, having largely been a cipher in the world of men making decisions, now asks to be heard. TWICE. At a moment in which she clearly has everyone’s attention. It’s like the thing she always wanted to stay but never could underneath all the “I will obey” stuff. Damn. I think I just talked myself into wanting to play Ophelia. I never have before…she was always a little too obedient to be interesting to me.
But now, I can imagine how interesting it would be to be SAYING, “I will obey,” while THINKING, “Pray you, mark.”

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